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There are many ways to save your family archives.. cheaply or properly.. and cheaply always costs more in the end.

Save Those Memories – Cine film to digital transfer

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Chris Save Those Memories

My name is Chris and as I head into the 22nd year of my company I am pleased to announce new levels to my “AI Enhanced” Cine Film archiving system. I have spent the last 21 years striving for the perfect digital image and as you will see on my Cine Film page this new AI system allied to the superb Scanbox 4K is just better than anything I have ever seen before. So, whether it is to transfer cine film to digital files (2k+ or 4k+), or any other format such as Camcorder tape (hi8 / mini DV etc.), VHS tape, Photo or 35mm Slide. I aim to provide the best possible service using class leading equipment, such as the brilliant Scanbox 4K telecine machine. The levels of Cine Film service are

  • Standard Frame duplication
  • AI Enhanced Optical flow without editing
  • AI Enhanced Optical flow with full editing

Give me a call to talk through your needs or click on one of the format conversion buttons.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Squires

Saturday 20th July 2024

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Video tape to mp4

There are many ways to save your family archives.. cheaply or properly.. and cheaply always costs more in the end.

Professional cine film conversion

Now using brand new Scanbox 4K. Your cine films saved to computer files as 2K – 2048 x 1500 or 4K – 4096 x 3000


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Convert VHS video tape to digital

Home camcorder tape converted to digital formats. Sent to you digitally or on disk

I started SaveThoseMemories in 2003! And it made me realise how old our video tapes really are. Early camcorder users will have video tapes that are well over 35 years old. Video tapes are not designed for longevity and your old camcorder tapes need to be saved to digital as soon as possible. Make this the year you save your old video tapes, whether large VHS or the smaller VHS-c, Video8, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV or microMV. Camcorder tapes are falling off a cliff compared to cine film..

Expert video conversion

Transfer cine film to digital formats in 2K+ & 4K+ UHD

Expert cine film conversion. We transfer your historical footage into digital file

Cine film is one of the most wonderful visual formats ever invented. For over 100 years it has stored our memories. At heart it is still just a series of still photographs stuck together. Now you have a choice of 2K+ and 4K+ using the brilliant new Scanbox 4K I will get the very best from your precious cine film.

Cine film to MP4 UHD 4K

Transfer your slides to digital files

We can convert photographs, slides and film to ultra high quality digital files

Saving standard 35mm and medium format slides and strips using the best scanner Nikon ever made. It is hard to believe that nothing has ever topped the Super Coolscan 9000ED. Still the only scanner ever made with Digital ICE Professional giving unparalleled dust and scratch removal. Images can be saved at up to an amazing 700MB, which means that one slide would fit on a CD-Rom!. It truly is stunning..

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