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There are many ways to save your family archives.. cheaply or properly.. and cheaply always costs more in the end.

Save Those Memories – Cine film to digital transfer

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Save Those Memories

About usI formed the idea for in about early 2003. I had spent the previous 15 years in the Pharmaceutical industry after gaining my Degree at Aston University in 1988. Working for major companies in sales, training and junior management I realized my young family were growing up with me away, abroad or at meetings. I had grown up with a large family archive of cine films and slides which I wanted to preserve as well as a huge music collection on video that I wanted presented in a different way. I couldn’t find a company that would do it the way I wanted, it was done to a template and I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted. There were plenty of companies who would do it quickly or cheaply, or not so cheaply. But none who were operating at the high level I wanted with any kind of customer input. I didn’t want branded DVDs with a hand written scrawl in felt tip pen. This set me off on the path of learning how to edit, how to capture various formats and my first experiences with cine film that didn’t just involve playing them on a projector.

At this point I realized I had turned a 23 year hobby and past-time into a minor obsession and with the support of my wife left my previous career behind. The last 20 years have been a journey, I have constantly upgraded my processes and equipment so that everything I use, from high quality wiring and powerful time base correctors to the brand new for 2021 “Scanbox 4K” cine film digitizer from Debrie of Paris and Broadberry Raid storage, is the best it can be. All old and obsolete practices have been abandoned over the years and money and time invested in ways of doing things better.

Now, over 20 years later, and I am still making major and minor changes to various bits of equipment as something better becomes available. All changes are designed to make your images, files and discs better than before. An example of this way of thinking is to be found on the cinefilm cleaning pages where I have upgraded my film cleaning system to use “FilmGuard” which is several steps up from the cleaning system I used to use. “FilmGuard” by Film-Tech not only cleans the film but lubricates it as well, this is not only brilliant for long term storage and archiving as it preserves the film for longer, minimizing scratches and blemishes even more than the “Scanbox 4K” does already with it’s built in wetgate, PTR rollers and light-sphere technology. There are many other examples of just doing things better on most of the following page. “If you are going to do it, do it properly” has become my ethos (Thanks Dad!) over the last two decades.

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