Save Those Memories
There are many ways to save your family archives.. cheaply or properly.. and cheaply always costs more in the end.

Save Those Memories – Cine film to digital transfer

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Types and sizes of film

Below is a guide to the standard types and sizes of film we process. If you have any difficulty identifying your film type please give me a call on 01793 495733, I would be happy to help.


Standard 8

8mm width: 7.90mm
Frame width: 4.5mm

Super 8

Super 8 width: 7.90mm
Frame width: 5.79mm


9.5mm width: 9.5mm
 Frame width: 8.5mm


16mm width: 16mm
Frame width: 10.26mm

The 8mm film’s sprocket holes help us identify the type.
The sprocket holes in Regular 8mm film are larger and almost square, while the holes in Super 8mm film are elongated.

Film with sound is identified by the presence of a copper coloured stripe along the edge of the film.

9.5mm film has sprocket holes down the centre of the film.

If there are sprocket holes on both sides of the 16mm film the film is silent. Sprockets on one side of the film indicates that that there may be a magnetic or optical soundtrack present.