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16 August 2021
By Chris Squires

Certain formats are like the proverbial bus. I don’t see a good old fashioned tape cassette for months and then three customers in a week throw 20 of the things at me and I suddenly realise, although I have quite an impressive array of scanners, my battery of cassette decks was understaffed with only a mid-range Technics being what I would call decent quality. So I have just bought a rather beautiful Sony TC-KB920S. One of the last real tape decks made. Oh, you can buy a modern tape player as they are in some kind of fashion now, but those machines are routinely awful. This deck was made to be part of a Hi-Fi set up with Dolby B, C, S and HX Pro with an MPX filter to boot. It was part of the last Sony QS range built in 2001. I have already made several recordings with it and it is a belter! Taking type I, CrO2, Metal tapes. It has all the bases covered. I realise I don’t have any pages about my audio capture as I focus or cine film, video and slide / photos. I really ought to make one. Dealing with normal audio cassettes, Mini-cassettes and micro-cassettes from dictation machines and answer-phones as well as open reel audio.