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07 October 2019
By Chris Squires

LabelsI have seen good service from my faithful TEAC P55C thermal transfer disc printer but time moves on and I wasn’t happy with some of the printing results so I have decided to upgrade to a brand new class leading Rimage Everest Encore from RAM peripherals in London. (Brilliant service, thank you Ian.) Some of my colleagues think I am mad investing £5,000 in what they perceive as a dying medium. “The DVD is on it’s way out” I was told and yes to an extent that is true….BUT…. there are a lot of us out there who like physical media. Books were supposed to die out because of the Kindle. Vinyl was supposed to die out decades ago but it is still going strong. And although, yes, a lot of my customers just want computer files these days a lot of you also want to have your home movies from video tape or cine film saved on a disc based system. A proper DVD or Blu-ray with a beautiful photographic label. With information about who, when, where and why? So I am looking forward to creating beautiful edited DVDs from your tapes for a long time yet.