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5th February 2024
By Chris Squires

One of the hardest parts of my job these last 21 years is keeping the equipment I use serviced and working well. To put it bluntly, equipment dies. Added to the fact that pretty much everything I use, except the Scanbox 4K, is not made anymore and unsupported by the original manufacturer. So it is an absolute joy when I find someone who has dedicated themselves to working on a particular brand of equipment. Both of my beautiful 35mm / medium format etc Nikon slide scanners have just been serviced by Graeme Hardie of Lincoln Scan. The company who previously serviced my slide scanners just stopped, I won’t mention them. So my Nikon Supercoolscan 9000ED and 5000ED are now in perfect working order for the year ahead and now I know where Graeme is, hopefully for many years to come. Just got to keep on top of the VHS machines now.