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04 August 2019
By Chris Squires

Scanbox 4KAs I did over 10 years ago I went through masses of research and conversations with various companies to decide on my next 10 year plan for Cine Film. 10 years on from my first major investment I am doing so again and the brand spanking new Memory 4k Scanbox by Debrie Technologies will be arriving in September. Fortunately, whilst it is 10 years newer and chock full of new technology, it works on the same principles as the Memory HD which has been so successful for me since 2009. So my learning curve will hopefully be small and I will get up to speed rather more quickly than I did a decade ago. It’ll have a Wetgate, unlike my old machine and be capable of 4k and 2k scanning on top of the standard SD and HD. All in all I am very proud to announce it’s arrival as it will keep at the very forefront of small format cine film scanning and archiving for many years to come. So if you have any 8mm, super8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm cine film that needs saving please do give me a call on 01793 – 495733 and we can go through your needs….