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8th June 2023
By Chris Squires

After extensive trialling I am launching a huge AI upgrade to my professional / institution level Cine Film archiving system which is now available to all customers. I have integrated a new AI software system into my post-production processes with astounding results. It helps that the results from the Scanbox 4K are already exceptional and arguably better than any other current system. This extra level of work which involves very close analysis of every single frame of your archive along with optical flow frame rate correction and rock-solid stabilization techniques means your film, whether destined for a museum, an online archive or just a family based collection will look even better than ever.

As my last trial customer said

“You’ve worked miracles with the frame rate correction and the result is unbelievably smooth.”

See for yourself on my Cine Film page where I have uploaded a short film in the “museum and professional archive” section, from what is a typical family archive. I think you will agree the results are nothing short of astounding and I have been archiving films for over 20 years.

The “Standard” level is still better than anything out there, thanks to the brilliant Scanbox 4K, but now Professional AI takes it to a whole new level. It isn’t quick but it is utterly superb.