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1st January 2024
By Chris Squires

Unedited AI Optical Flow
Unedited AI Optical Flow

After the success of introducing the AI Optical flow system in 2023 I found I had a few customers who really wanted to benefit from this system but found the cost to be just out of their reach. So I have found a way to give many of the benefits of this new system whilst keeping costs within reach for those that really want it but can’t stretch to the full version. This new service I call “AI Optical Flow – Without Editing”.  You can of course do your own editing on the films if you want to yourself create the film that I would have ultimately created for you using the full “AI Optical Flow – With Editing”, but this new service will give you the raw film looking it’s absolute best just without the very time consuming tidying up that comes with the full service.

See the sample video of “AI Optical Flow – Without Editing” in the main Cine Film section