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11 October 2021
By Chris Squires

Over the last decade or so I have made many bespoke, one-off films for customers who wanted something very special. I never really thought about the fact that I wasn’t offering these films as a service. I have finally decided to make this right and for both cine film and video I now offer a bespoke editing service. Whether you are a broadcast studio, University, Museum or a family who wants the absolute very best from your film I can provide you with something exceptional. The Scanbox 4K will produce excellent results that I will crawl over, frame-by-frame to create a perfect, rock-solid, grain free, glitch-free digital copy of your cine film. This can include titles and music if you want or it can just be the raw film itself. Tailored entirely to your needs the final result will look as brilliant as the original cine film can possibly be. Saved at 2048 x 1500 or 4096 x 3000 this service can make a masterpiece out of your raw cine film material. Cine film to digital never looked so good.

The same applies to video. I have created dozens of special one-off films for anniversaries, big birthdays and weddings over the years. Taking lots of scenes from someones childhood and creating the perfect film to commemorate the occasion. We just need the raw material and our imagination to come up with something special for you.

Give me, Chris, a call on 01793 495733 and we can talk through what you are aiming for.