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04 August 2021
By Chris Squires

I’d been meaning to create a short sample and descriptive video of the process since I started using the “Memory HD” back in 2009. Finally I have a short cine film sample video showing how beautiful and smooth the “Scanbox 4K” is in creating it’s images. The sample size is 2048 x 1500 which for 8mm film is enormous but I think you will agree the standard 8mm films look stunning. One of the reasons I hesitated to put sample videos up is that I always thought they were fairly pointless, nobody is going to put anything less than perfect up. But that isn’t where the real hard work is. Anybody can make a perfect film look OK. Keeping a 10 out of 10 film at 9 or 10 isn’t so hard. It’s when you can move a 6 out of 10 film up to 9. That’s hard and that is where the Scanbox 4K really excels. Moving awful film that might be a 4, 5 or 6 at best into the realms of excellent. And that is always my aim, using the best machine available and having the best practices means that I am always looking to make your cine film look as good as it possibly can. So whether that is just making your 9 out of 10 cine film into a 10 or getting something filthy, scratchy and unwatchable into a state where it can be enjoyed…. moving that 4 to a 7…. is just as rewarding for me.

All of the sample films shown are work I have done in the last couple of weeks (July 2021), they are not specially selected they are just examples of what can be achieved. I am still surprised and thrilled and what this beautiful machine can create.