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07 January 2021
By Chris Squires

In my constant quest to use the best possible equipment I have just installed three new HP Z4 G4 workstations, each with 27TB of Enterprise class storage onboard. With the recent installation of the Scanbox 4K and it’s creation of brilliant 2K and 4K cinefilm files I find I am now moving around such large volumes of data and the demands on my system were too great for the old HP Z820 workstations. So I decided to invest in new equipment. I am now completely set up with a 10GBe Network to enable the rapid movement of data files and I have just bought a new Broadberry Cyberstore 212S with 120TB of onboard storage which, allied to my older G-Tech storage system, means I will be able to store these larger files for longer. I can now guarantee that I will still have your work saved for a minimum of two years whether copies of your DVD / Blu-Ray disc archive or larger HD, 2K or 4K computer files.