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09 September 2019
By Chris Squires

Equipment UsedIt’s like Dominos here. Going 4k with my Memory Cine Film Scanner has led to a chain of events where every change leads to another change. I have had to upgrade to the Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 program. I had always used the last great purchasable version, I didn’t and still don’t like renting software. It’s good for the company I guess but bad for the purchaser. This in turn only works properly with Windows 10, although it says it will work with Windows 7…it doesn’t. So everything needs to be re-loaded and new drivers found and old cheats remembered that gets equipment that was last supported in 2004 (Windows XP) up and running in Windows 10. All of my scanners and capture equipment are now working perfectly on the new operating system. The only machine that wouldn’t transfer was the brilliant TEAC P55C thermal disc labeller, so I am now attaching that to the only machine I will leave in Windows 7. So, these new upgrades meant that my old, but brilliant, video cards (Quadro FX5800) no longer supported Adobe Premiere Pro, so I have changed to super up to date CUDA supporting Nvidia Video cards, which make video editing so much easier. This has now meant I need to change my old switching equipment to something quicker…. So from just moving to 4K Cine Film Scanning it seems that everything has to be changed…. But hopefully it will make the archives that I create even better. Whatever happened to “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?