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14 May 2021
By Chris Squires

With the launch of my new website I thought I would note the way that, what has been my business for over 18 years, is heading.

When I started in 2003 Video tapes / camcorder tapes mostly went to DVD, probably 90% of archives ended up on a DVD disc and 10% to computer files. Now it is the other way around and Google analytics backs up my anecdotal evidence of this changing trend.

In 2020 the search term “Video to digtal transfer” recived around twice as meany google searches as “Video transfer to DVD”. So more people are thinking of digital as computer files than the disc based DVD.
Most of my customers now have MP4 files via upload or DV AVI files on a portable USB hard drive. This is also borne out by a quick check of my label printing software (I still have all my DVD labels going back to 2007). Just 5 years ago in 2016 I created 697 unique DVD labels for Video Tape to DVD transfer and I supplied 16 x 500GB or 1TB hard drives (this doesn’t take into account how many customers sent their own) and I had just 19 upload blocks on wetransfer or dropbox. Last year in 2020 the DVD labels had fallen to just 83 across just 28 unique customers while I supplied 55 x 1TB or 2TB hard drives (again not taking into account customer supplied hard drives) all to unique customers. Uploads have shifted from 34 in 2016 to 221 in 2020. So a greater than 5 fold increase in uploading on it’s own.
This all goes to back up the feeling that my video customers are moving away from DVD discs towards digital files.

In summary DVD labels down from 697 to 83, supplied hard drives up from 16 to 55 and upload blocks up from 19 to 221 in five years.

Next I will look at cine film trends.