Save Those Memories
There are many ways to save your family archives.. cheaply or properly.. and cheaply always costs more in the end.

Save Those Memories – Cine film to digital transfer

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The Scanbox 4K – 9 months in… part II

Memory HD

Finding the right telecine machine can be a long process, getting it delivered can be even longer and so it was August 2009 that I took delivery of the “Memory HD”

Cine Film – changing requirements

Cine film transfer to digital

I started to look at professional capture of cine film in 2004 with the purchase of the standard definition “Moviestuff” equipment which was capable of creating an image that was 720 x 576 pixels.

New Website

New Website

Many Thanks to Les Donaldson of Sites & Stuff for putting together my new website.

Updated and upgraded hardware

In my constant quest to use the best possible equipment I have just installed three new HP Z4 G4 workstations, each with 27TB of Enterprise class storage onboard.